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L104   Price: $3.50   Bargain Price: $2.80
Approx 5 oz. Shower fresh bombs. Loaded with eye opening scent to get your day going or to wind down after a long day. They come in a two pack, can use one or two. Place on floor of shower where the water sprays and enjoy. They are made with the best and purest ingredients on the market. ING: Citric acid, baking soda, epsom salts, Skin safe fragrance and essential oils. NOT INTENDED FOR CHILDREN  
Fragrance Oil Blend with Dropper-2 oz.
E44   Price: $10.50   Bargain Price: $8.40
2 oz. UNDILUTED fragrance oil, highly concentrated oil to refresh potpourri, oil warmers, wax melts, oil diffusers and more. Has a built in dropper for ease of application ...Note: All the refresher oil scents match the rosehip potpourri scents, soy melts and soy candles of the same scent. IF YOU DON'T FIND THE SCENT THAT YOU WANT~GIVE US A CALL-816-506-2261  
8 oz. Scented ROOM/LINEN SPRAY
E81   Price: $11.95   Bargain Price: $9.56
8 oz. Scented Linen/Room Spray. Select your favorite
fragrance oil scent to create a refreshing new way to scent your home. Spray mist into the air, pillows, flower arrangements, and much more. CAUTION: Do not puncture, incinerate or expose to fire or flame. Avoid contact with eyes. Contains fragrance oils which can irritate. Test on fabrics first. Keep out of reach of children and pets.  
Soy Melts in break away 6 packs
E100   Price: $4.25   Bargain Price: $3.40
Approx. 3 oz. soy melts in a divided 6 pack container. Break away one or more melt cubes and place in melt warmer. Great way to scent without a flame. Many uses in offices or areas that a flame cannot be used. Very popular and at a great price. Loaded with fragrance oil. Add a small amount of same scent fragrance oil for a stronger scent or to make the melt last longer.  
4 oz. Shower and Body Mist
E82   Price: $7.50   Bargain Price: $6.00
4 oz. shower and body mist. Spray in shower or after. Lightly rub in. Helps skin be silky smooth and fragrant! Ing: distilled water, vegetable glycerin and skin safe fragrance.  
6x10 Sealed Foil Bag- HARVEST-Rosehip Potpourri
E53   Price: $10.95   Bargain Price: $8.76
6 x 8 Sealed Foil Bag, "STAY FRESH". Approx. 12-15 oz. (depends on the blend) HARVEST potpourri with a delightful mix of rosehips, cinnamon sticks, putka pods and a misc. harvest mix of botanicals. Strong Cinnamon and Mulled Cider with a touch of Clove ...Note: All the potpourri scents match the refresher oil scents, candles, melts and room sprays of the same scent name.  
8 oz. Shower and body mist
E83   Price: $11.95   Bargain Price: $9.56
8 oz. shower and body mist. SprY in shower or after. Lightly rub in. Helps skin be silky smooth and fragrant. Ing: distilled water, vegetable glycerin and skin safe fragrance.  
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